Authors PR Reviews -Chain Reaction by Wendy Goult

Chain Reaction by Wendy Goult

chain reaction

Do you believe or even think there might be life after death? We all have our opinions on this conundrum. Chain Reaction takes up the challenge in admirable style and gives an acceptable insight into what it could be like to be ‘on the other side’.
We follow the chain of events that occur after Kate Maple arrives in her afterlife with no recollection of how or why it happened and who killed her.
The story weaves through the lives of friends, family, witnesses and suspects exposing vulnerabilities and associated threats. Even the police are not immune. Their frustrations, reactions, emotions and attractions show they are human too.
This is no sugary, endless fields of flowers, birds and butterflies tale but draws the reader into a story of illicit love and secrecy, a love betrayed and a rage that takes away all reason but which ultimately leads the reader into a sense of wellbeing.

My review 4* out of 5*

“A considerate exploration of afterlife, just haunting enough to attract those with a penchant for macabre thriller oddities.”

All this evidence was suggestive rather than definitive; a good mystery story in the making, but Wendy has taken it and worked up a careful narrative. Like a pointillist painter, Wendy Goult works dot by dot, very close to the material, and tell the reader, Okay, here’s a landmark, and then between this and some other landmark here are some of the places I think we can go to. I go to great pains to identify what I consider to be fact and what I think is a reasonable conjecture.”

A riotous fantasy in which this author imagine wandering Kate, a victim of homicide, through the shades of hell looking for a way out. To begin with, she knew where she was and why she was there, Kate became a detective, and she investigates her own death. Sometime, someplace, someone had royally flamed her life, though she couldn’t recall where or when . . . Talk about a bad trip.


3 thoughts on “Authors PR Reviews -Chain Reaction by Wendy Goult

  1. An interesting premise. I am fond of this topic, both reading and writing about it.
    Best of luck Wendy with finding new fans!


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    Thanking you in advance
    Sampriti Das

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