How to Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda


I have news for all my readers and followers.I am writing!

Yes,I do and like some other things in my life I followed the other way round.The manuscript is not ready yet;it will be soon but I designed the cover :). So please take a look and tell me what do you think.Only constructive criticism please.




Have you ever wondered why some authors make a fortune while so many others with good books seem to struggle?
The answer is quite simple. You can do it as well, without a lot of costs but with a bit of hard work. Marketing and promoting is not so difficult if you have enthusiasm and determination, and you know what are you doing.
This handbook will help you to make the right choices and shows you how to start to promote your book for yourself. It may be useful for people who just started their journey into marketing books’ business and for writers who choose to do it for their own books.
How to Promote and Market Your Book is based on my experience as a publicist, and isn’t indented to present marketing on an academic level. It has written rather in an easy to understand and friendly way, and the author intention is to explain step by step how to get your book exposed in front of readers, marketing trends and how to make them work to develop your brand as an author and improve sales.
The book offers general notions and how-to advice, templates, lists of agents, reviewers, bloggers, and sites for promotion, periodicals or literary journals and radio shows, information on fundamentals of publicity and effective online marketing campaigns.
The topics include setting goals, how to approach media, writing newsworthy marketing content, and samples of press releases or blurbs for different types of campaigns.
I have written this book for those who have a small experience in marketing and public relations but a huge amount determination to succeed, just like you and me.
Part two of the book presents a case study of a marketing campaign for xxxxxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, details of how Authors PR was running the campaign, developed the author brand and the most important things – Results.

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