Blog post with author’s biography, book description, excerpt and links € 5

Reviews posted on, GoodReads, Amazon, Tumblr, Pinterest, shared on other social media €  25

Authors Interviews posted on, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, shared on other social media € 30

Newsletter sent to bookstores, customised by genre, location, audience € 35

Press release plus the other three options € 100

Formatting the book for self published on Amazon, paperback and kindle € 250

Book Cover design € 75

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3 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi,

    Nice to meet you. I want to share with you my happiness about the publication of my first English children storybook, One Century Friendship. The book will be launched in different e-book platform on 20th Jan 2019.

    I want to share my idea of jump out of the comfort zone among children and hence I wrote this story.

    This time I invite US illustrator Ms Janelle Dimmett to help design the book cover. You can click the website to find out more about the book, i.e. the book trailer, book review, preview the prologue and the first chapter, story inspiration etc.

    The book available on Amazon, Readmoo, Smashwords, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, Pubu and Kobo platforms.

    Story Hypnosis:

    In One Century Friendship, Helen and her three friends scamper off from the main campsite towards the ruined cottage. Despite Miss J. Smith’s warnings, Shelly’s persuasive remarks make each of the four friends grow even more curious as they wonder what the house contains. As they near the place, their fear starts rising. A peek through the window is not enough and soon they are inside the house. On the inside, the cottage seems disappointing until things start happening and Mark goes missing. What started as playful fun turns to dread as the remaining three friends notice his absence. Worse still, they are afraid of confiding in Miss J. Smith since they disobeyed her instructions from the start.

    This time story writing is initiated by the idea of “jump out of the comfort zone”, hence, I have set up a page “jump out of comfort zone”, aiming to encourage those who have read my book to share his/her story of jumping out of comfort zone with me. Readers are welcome to send their own story to and I will share it on the webpage and the blog.

    I also have conducted an author interview with Awesome Gang and Linda’s book bag. For more details, you can visit the below link:

    I want to know if it is possible I can share this book or the idea of “jump out of the comfort zone” with your readers or you will be free to provide a review for my book or provide an author interview in your blog.

    Thanks for your time and feel free to drop me a link if you have anything to share.

    Best wishes,



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