Best Christmas Books by Madi Preda

2 thoughts on “Best Christmas Books by Madi Preda

  1. I am interested in promoting Michael Stahl’s book, Longing for a Father, that I had the privilege of translating. The following introduction to the book comes from PROTACTICS, Michael Stahl’s Self-Defense Master Training Center in Germany and support staff for his presentations and demonstrations across Europe:

    How great is the love, goodness and mercy of our God, who has revealed himself in many ways in the life of Michael Stahl. Raised in poverty, hopelessness and violence, he met Jesus at the age of five. Because he rarely experienced security or strength, his dream was to be as big and strong as Muhammad Ali and to meet him in person someday. 30 years later, the unimaginable happened – he was commissioned as a bodyguard to protect Muhammad Ali during his 2002 trip to Germany. How that came about, the rocky road Michael traveled, and what great wonders God worked through his life, we would like to present to you in his book, Longing for a Father. The absence of a father is responsible for the lack of self-worth, identity and inner peace in the lives of many people around the world. In 2012, one-third of US children were growing up without their biological fathers. The book, written from the perspective of God’s fatherly love, has moved thousands of people in several European nations to reconciliation and healing.

    It is now available in English at I’m not certain that this is the proper venue for this request but am thankful for any consideration or advice.

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