Best Christmas Gift – Povesti De Craciun by Madi Preda


It’s almost Christmas time again and I thought that a collection of short stories it will be a nice present for any child and as well for me.I tried hard to publish it in November.As many of you know I am doing everything including the cover and I had some issues to deal with this time so it was impossible.Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow...    Finally, the day of the release arrived and here I am this time with a book in Romanian.I can say that it was a hard work for me being very busy with my everyday job, there were many days when I couldn’t write a word. Sometimes I haven’t been sure that I can finish it in time for this year Christmas.Now, when the job is done I am proud of it and very pleased with the result.

Well, well, well, you know that I can’t talk about myself so enough with this.The book is at the moment on CreateSpace Stories of Christmas by Madi Preda


povesti create space I have a big problem now, I don’t know what to do next.I don’t have many contacts in the written world of Romania, so I don’t have any idea where and how to promote it.So because I don’t know how to…somewhere else lets start from the beginning.

A few words about the author:

Madi Preda was born in Romania, grew up there, under Dracula myth and communist regime. For many years, she was working as an accountant in Galati and then moved to Greece, in 2007. After seven years, she is back in Romania, and now lives and works in Brasov. Her first book, How To Promote and Market Your Book explores how Marketing and PR can differentiate an author from others in attracting and retaining more readers.

Little Martians Learn to Count by Madi Preda encompass the skills required for preschool and kindergarten.The book is focused at achieving the children development through eye-catching images.This book is designed to help parents and teachers plan the lessons in a funny way so children will be more inclined to do extra-curricular work in class or at home.

Recently she released Povesti de Craciun-Povesti cu Talc a good collection of short stories for children and not only. Full of suggestive Christmas images it will be the perfect gift for every child. Christmas socks, Christmas trees, nice decorations and the warm of the family together with nice stories in the evening will take you in the perfect Christmassy atmosphere.

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8 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gift – Povesti De Craciun by Madi Preda

  1. Twitter, Madi! I will tweet it for you – and try using hashtags like #Romania #Children and #bookbloggers. Do a good tweet, with a picture, and pin it to the top of your Twitter page for the rest of the year, then retweet a lot of people with the hashtag #MondayBlogs and #wwwblogs and #TuesdayBookBlog. Do tweets for it yourself on Tuesday with the hashtag #TuesdayBookBlog and tweet people with the same tag, the same for Wednesdays with #wwwblogs. Just keep tweeting it, and retweeting others! Retweeting is the key to Twitter.

    Here is a post I wrote about getting the most out of Twitter blogging hashtags:

    The cover is great! I know you have left it a bit late, but all may not be lost! All the best

    Terry x

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