Ben Midland-The Devil’s Society – The Awakening

Author’s words:
I am a writer of English fact-fiction thrillers, short stories and columns.


I am a bachelor in the Japanese language and Modern History and an expert in Japanese religion, mythology and folklore. I started a career in the IT working as a UNIX System Engineer, Since 4 years I live in Portugal with my family.


In the catacombs of a Papal Basilica in Rome, the
mutilated body of a cardinal was found by the police.
All tracks lead to William R. Sandwell, an American
professor staying that very same night in Rome.
When an anonymous person sends him a relic along
with a cryptic text, further suspicion focuses in his
direction. Pursued by police inspector De Angelis
of the Italian police he’s determined to prove his
innocence along with an Italian activist, Rafaella
Fabbri to find the perpetrator(s).

Gradually it becomes clear the murderer seems
to be an inhabitant of the Vatican. With his imminent
exposure the horrible practices of a ruthless group,
the real rulers of this world become exposed.

The Devil’s Society is a vivacious story of suspense and
intrigue in the mysterious city of Rome.
Ben Midland treats us on a revealing, unforgettable
journey through the underground corridors of the ancient
city of Rome of his factual universe that he introduced
with the raping of two innocent street children.

The Devil’s Society

Ben Midland

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