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Many thanks and all my gratitude to the writers who offered me the chance to do publicity for them and their books and welcome for the ones who will do it in the future.

Madi Preda

“Advertising is saying you are good.PR is getting someone else to say you are good”

Authors PR-Madi Preda promotes literary works,brings more publicity for writers and exposes their books around the world.Collaborating close with the authors,Author PR-Madi Preda obtains more exposure and media coverage for the book and also for the author.
– direct marketing campaign through creative and innovative marketing strategies
– digital advertising
– public relations
– presentation-planning and design,evaluation and monitoring
– marketing and promotional materials
-website and blog development and design
– authors interviews
– launch campaign
– analysis

How you can get in touch?



@AUTHORSPR on Twitter


If you are looking to take advantage of social media this book is a good overview,with many tips and creative ideas.How to make the most of social media marketing, where to start? Detailed, accessible and practical advice on what to do and how to do it. Planning and research are often forgotten in the rush of get a book published and drawing up a marketing plan and carefully planned campaign are the only way to ensure the success of your book and to meet the readersโ€™ requirements.See the benefits in minutes. This self-help guide is helping authors to be active in promoting their own book, which should be a desire for all authors. How To Promote and Market Your Book explores how Marketing and PR can differentiate an author from others in attracting and retaining more readers. Step by step and easy to understand online marketing practice,introduction and resources for blogging and reviews sites, social networks,authorโ€™s brand development and webโ€™s marketing opportunities. How to Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda is relevant to authors and marketers,very well thought guide that reflects changes and trends in online marketing practice,lists with many and useful contacts.





I confirm the subscription of this blog to the Paperblog service under the username authorspr.

109 thoughts on “About Authors Promotion – Madi Preda

  1. Hi Madi. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and choosing to follow it. Your blog is a great resource for writers and authors who wish to publish their work in digital or printed format. Keep up the good work you’re doing here. I will recommend your blog to all my friends who are interested in publishing their work. I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers!

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  3. Thank you for โ€œLikingโ€ the post, “My Life In A Hole”. Streets Of Our World, on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com. On behalf of the Through Haroldโ€™s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys. ย 

    Best Regards,

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  4. It is an honor to meet you. What a wonderful way to inspire and enjoy reading others books. I have my first book being published as we speak. I wanted to leave a legacy for my children. I will be so excited to see it in my hands and be able to transfer it to my kids.

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  5. Thanks For following my blog โ€˜Crazy fACTSโ€™. Glad to connect with you. You are doing great job of promoting author’s work to give them more exposure.
    Have a happy blogging & writing journey!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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