A snapshot of life in the hospitality industry-Into Happy Havens by Dennis Coates

“Always be the hardest worker in the room and you are the only one that knows if you’re giving one hundred percent effort so if you are cheating, it only holds you back.”- John McDonald CEO of Mercer Street Hospitality

into happy heavans

I wanted to read this book because I am working in a hotel and I know how hard it can be to get all the things right.

There is something I’ve come to value about hotel stays: how in the accustomed rituals and formalities of arrival and departure, each visit mimics a larger journey. And in that transition, the span between check-in and check-out, guests are liberated from the uncomfortable truth that, sooner than anyone likes to imagine, the trip has ended and the time has come to pay the bill.

In his book, Dennis Coates shared funny moments as poor Martin Hammond, the new appointed manager, tries without success to deal with managing the hotel, a large staff, and of his love life.

Dealing with unhappy customers, and dishonest staff, Mr.Hammond give us a snapshot of life in the hospitality industry very close to the well-known English series of  Basil Fawlty.full of British humor and embarrassing situations,

I’ll give it an incontestable five stars.


About the Author


Dennis Coates is a management aficionado with over 30 years of hotel management experience in international luxury hotels.

Initially trained at the Savoy Hotel Group in London and Lausanne, Switzerland, Dennis managed several hotels before appointment as Consultant/Director of the H.C.S.Group in U.K.dennis
He led many infrastructure/feasibility studies in Europe. Africa and U.K.Other assignments included advising the Governments of New Zealand, Mid-East O.P.E.C.and he represented U.K. at an International convention in the Green Meadow Foundation in Switzerland.

His leisure activity has always been racing and cruising small sailing boats. He lives in West Dorset, U.K.

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