What it Means to Have Support From People I Have Never Met


How can you trust what they say?

For they could be telling you lies

They could be making everything up!

You don’t KNOW them!

This is the fear of the people I HAVE met

Who find it so difficult to understand that there are many people in this world

Who are good, kind, loving, generous, spirits

And you don’t have to physically meet them to know them


People who have traveled a lifetime

And finally found the piece of their soul that was missing

The piece that makes heart connections

And Yes – EVEN with souls they have never met in the flesh!

These are the people I talk to through a computer screen

They laugh, they cry, they try to cheer you up

They tell their truth

They go to the depths of the darkness

to show you it’s possible to go to the light


They “like” you…

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