30 Tips to get more exposure for a book


Excerpt from my book How To Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda

30 Book Marketing Tips:a recruiting
I have included a variety of tips and I am sure that you will find something on the to do list that you can do to build your brand and sell your book.

1. Create a testimonial page on your website.
2. Offer advanced reading copies ARC.
3. Ask fans to post their reviews on your Facebook page.
4. Ask fans to post their reviews on Amazon.
5. Ask fans to post their reviews on Goodreads.
6. Offer bloggers advanced reading copies.
7. Set up a virtual book tour.
8. Create your street team.
9. Create seasonal videos: Mother’s day book, Summer Reads, Have Fun in the Sun, Autumn fall, Santa’s Book Recommendation, Spring-new reads, etc.
10. Register as an author on Amazon, Goodreads, AuthorsDen, Google Authorship.
11. Create a book trailer and short video clips.
12. Use key words, hashtags, and smart teasers for every single post.
13. Post a blog post as often as you can, not only about your book, but also include information about your work and offer support to others.
14. Write articles and short stories and publish them online.
15. Join writers’ conferences and writing contests.
16. Use Google, Pinterest, and Facebook Campaigns to get traffic for your website or blog and to gain more fans.
17. Create a newsletter and share the latest news with your subscribers.
18. Write and host guest posts.
19. Participate in forum discussions.
20. Create polls, such as: “Which character do you like the most? Why?”
21. Write freelance articles for newspaper and magazines in your target niche market.
22. Sell your books on your website.
23. Play the local writer, and start with small steps: local newspapers and magazines, local radio, sign up for local events.
24. Sell themed swags on your website or Facebook fan page.
25. Set up a launch party.
26. Donate a percentage or a create a limited time revenue for a noble cause.
27. Do a book reading for a group in your community.
28. Donate your books to libraries and community centers.
29. Become a HARO source and an influencer on LinkedIn groups.
30. Join a MeetUp group that includes writers and/or readers. If none exist, start one.

How to Promote and Market Your Book - Madi Preda

This one is extra 🙂
31. Write a Book The World Needs
Do you have any book marketing tips you’d like to add to the list? Think outside the box and make your own list.

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