Review of Widflower by Alexandra Forry

WildflowerWildflower by Alexandra Forry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a sweet romance with many twists and an unexpected ending. Max Heller the most rich and prominent figure from the town of Sedona has to deal with his rebellious daughter, Lexy, who just chases away every single woman who tried to get close to her father. He is a widow after Lexy’s mother died giving birth and he tries to find a woman to appreciate his kindred nature and not his money. When he found a local woman who has her own difficulties with her drunken husband he thought he had finally found the woman who he had been looking for so long but then suddenly another lover from his past came back. Max finds himself in a very difficult position, not wanting to hurt any of them and also not knowing which one he really wants.
The author incorporates themes of social classes prejudices rooted in a small community daily life with gossips spread all over the place.

Wildflower is a thoughtful exploration of difficult issues such as friendship, love, emotional resonance, and faces people with difficult choices.

Will Max choose wisely or will he follow his heart? This was the question which kept me turning the pages and Alexandra Forry knows how to keep reader’s attention and curiosity alive.

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Excerpt from Wildflower by Alexandra Forry

”Blanche, do you see that wildflower growing in the courtyard out there?” He pointed to a beautiful wildflower lifting its head to drink and glisten in the rain.

“Yes?” she said looking at the wildflower.

“You are a wildflower who needs to be free after 25 years of marriage.I want you to be wild and free to create a new life for yourself without Dean and without me.In my world, people will judge and type you. One wrong step and you will be on the cover of every news and gossip tabloid.They will expect you to play a fictional part.”


“I won’t hurt you, Blanche, my wildflower.”

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