Authors PR Review – King and Queens by Terry Tyler

Kings And QueensKings And Queens by Terry Tyler

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Kings And Queens

In this book Terry Tyler draws her own story of Henry VIII, setting it in the modern day.
Harry Lanchester is a property magnate and will amaze the readers with his personality and behaviour. He is a decadent libertine who gets exactly what he wants, his way and divorces or “beheads” his multiple wives and mistresses when he is tired of them. Quite a cold and sometimes childlike character, Harry is a self indulgent man and Terry, through his six wives’ points of view and his best friend Will Brandon describes him as often a pathetic figure. For me it was difficult to decide if I liked or I hated him.

Readers will be caught up by King and Queens, a real page turner and saga through the Lanchester family dramas, betrayals and mayhem. For readers who know the story of Henry the VIII, Kings and Queens offers a new interpretation of the Tudor period at a modern level, proving that human nature doesn’t change over decades. Whether it is about a reign or just about a family business, people love and hate and are going through many of the same dramas today

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