Time to Let Go by Christoph Fischer


I approached this novel with a big curiosity about how Christoph Fischer made the transition from historical novels to contemporary fiction and I ended up enjoying it.

On a journey of self discovery and redemption,readers will join the Korhonens family in their life’s labyrinth.There is the Alzheimer drama of Biddy Korhonen, who suffers and her husband Walter who isn’t ready to let her go in a home.

Hanna their daughter is coming back home,taking some time off from her work as an air hostess after she suffered a time-to-go-books2trauma of not being able to save someone’s life.She has to battle with her father’s routine,both of them doing their best for Biddy.The sad story reflecting on the pain of not to be recognized by the person who loved you once,it affects both of them, Walter and Hanna, even if they have different viewpoints on this matter.

As secondary characters there are the two sons of Korhonens, totally different characters and personalities,who are more absorbed with their own lives, having their own concerns and little time for the family. At least they keep in touch with Hanna, and tried to help her out through her trauma. All this events, seem to bring up some truths about the family and how they brought up their children, and how the miscommunication leads to wrong conclusions.

Time to Let Go might bring some new perspective to those who have loved ones living with Alzheimers and I ended up experiencing so many emotions that I think the book of Christoph Fischer will brings tears to some readers.

Christoph Fischer was brought up near the Austrian border in Bavaria and has since lived in Hamburg, London, Brighton and Bath.He always loved books and one of his first jobs was in a library.


Time to Let Go is his first break into contemporary fiction after his historical novels.

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