Overcome Insomnia – by Rebecca Richmond


My Guide: Overcome Insomnia by Rebecca Richmond

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We spend one third of our lives asleep and it is essential for survival. During sleep, the body takes the opportunity to cleanse and regenerate, actively producing hormones required for growth, recovery and the healing of muscles and tissues.

Because of the importance of sleep, insomnia presents a huge challenge and carries significant consequences that can eventually affect every area of our lives. A lack of proper sleep can lead to:

  • Muscle aches
  • Decreased alertness and performance
  • Depression
  • Overemotional states such as anxiety and irritability
  • Poor performance at work or in other areas of life.


The author, Rebecca Richmond, developed fibromyalgia / CFS – a debilitating and incurable condition – after suffering from insomnia for many years, which led to a worsening of her symptoms. She is one of the few people across the world who has recovered from this condition by developing her own techniques, which included the vital step of overcoming insomnia.

This book is essential for anyone suffering from insomnia, or a therapist or trainer working with sufferers and looking to add proven techniques to their repertoire.

What Rebecca Richmond explains in her book is that if you are having trouble sleeping, you should first ascertain if there are any changes in your life – a new job, stress, or medications, recent events – that might be the cause of your sleeping problems.


Authors PR Review – Four stars out of five

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How to Take Charge of Your Sleep

 There are many options to help people return to a more regular sleep schedule and this guide shows that there may not be a single solution. The best approach to returning to a state of balance is coordination of the mind and body.

In My Guide: Overcome Insomnia, the author describes problems associated with lack of sleep and the power of both the conscious and unconscious mind to overcome insomnia. What we do during the day is just as important as what we do when we lie down at night. Rebecca Richmond speaks from her own experience and recommends avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, which can disrupt sleep. She presents the importance of doing exercises each day and eating healthy foods. She also describes how stress and negative emotions influence the quality of life, thereby causing insomnia. This guide offers tips to reduce worrying and pace yourself, in addition to how to build true confidence and self-esteem. After reading Rebecca Richmond’s guide, readers will understand how important it is to believe in ourselves and how easy is to overcome insomnia by using integrative therapies such as yoga or mindfulness meditation, which lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Having read Rebecca Richmond’s book, it is obvious that insomnia is connected to stress and her advice will help readers to calm their mind and body, so they can rest and build healthy sleeping habits.

My Guide: Overcome Insomnia is not only a book about insomnia, but also a coaching guide for NLP and a healthy lifestyle.

Twitter: @rrichmond_coach

LinkedIn page: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/rebeccarichmond.

Also, the insomnia website http://www.overcome-insomnia.com.

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