Authors PR Reviews – Healer of Wounded Souls by Diane Adams Taylor

The Healer of Wounded SoulsThe Healer of Wounded Souls by Diane Adams Taylor

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The Healer of Wounded Souls by Diane Adams Taylor

The Healer of Wounded Souls

When I start this book I didn’t know what to expect from the beginning.Going deep into the story I was glad that I had the chance to read “The Healer of Wounded Soul”. This is one of the books which isn’t in top 100 best sellers and unfortunately not so many people speak about it and is such a shame.I thing you will agree with me if you’d take the chance to read Diane Adam’s book.

Hope Evans have an accident on the way to her job,which happens to be a hospital where she worked for seven years.In the emergency room she felt a tap on her shoulder and saw an Angel who beckoned to her to follow.And so,the adventure began,the transition stage between life and death.She has a choice of dying or return with a mission of using her skills of helping others.

Going back to life she meet a former pilot Nick who take care of her after her house was bombed and Hope become a spiritual healer. for brave soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq,people who damaged their well being in the service of their country.She use her skills to help those men, who were transformed from being brave warriors in people with PTSD issues,people who were wounded not only by a sniper but with wounded souls.Being brave and fighting for their country left them exhausted and in constant pain,not necessary physical but emotional and spiritual.

For doing good,Hope Evans is in trouble and sounds like someone doesn’t like much what she is doing.Who are this people?
Are they some religious fanatics,terrorist groups or maybe some government departments?Who is to blame for her trouble?

This is Nick’s mission to find out,and he learned the hard way that you must be cautious of those who you chose to trust.Some of them will betray you to others in power.

I found Diane Adams’ book a very touching story and being a fictional work doesn’t stop me to think at all this soldiers and how the war affected their life and families.Many of them returned home dead while others were dead inside.I think Healer of Wounded Souls is a tribute to all of them and their courage and devotion.

If I convinced you to read this book,please pay your tribute too and leave a review.The author will be grateful and the brave soldiers need to be remembered.

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