I just want to assure everyone that they aren’t forgotten.I have a few books waiting on my review list and I always keep my promises.I didn’t forget about them and I will do it.

As all of you knows,publicity and marketing is time consuming and recently I changed my publicist hat with an aspiring writer one.I need now to find a magic baguette for making the day longer and do all the things I want to.

Some of you know that I am writing a book,How to Promote and Market Your Book and I am focused to complete this goal now.So,I am asking the writers who sent me their books for review to bear with me and be patient.all the reviews for their books will be done soon and all the promotion which I committed to.At the moment I complete the cover art for my book and I am satisfied with the results.

LAST COVERThree excerpts are uploaded on Authonomy and the Part One of the How to Promote and Market Your Book is almost ready.A fan page on Facebook is here I need to write more on the case study for the Part Two,then find an editor,someone to format the book,set up a pre-order campaign,decide where and how to publish the book, set up my subscriber mail list,cover reveal tour and a few other things.Pretty busy,uh?

Something else important,if someone wants to make suggestion on what a writer expect to find in a book like this just leave a comment.

Going back to reviews, I assure you that I will find somehow the time to keep my promises.I will do it.


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