Children’s Chapter Books by Bethany Bull


Because Children’s Book Matters

They are indispensable gateways to literature, art and knowledge of the world.They help to build a solid foundation to became an adult who loves reading.With unique, child-friendly and colorful illustrations, children become more interested to read. It doesn’t matter if they cannot yet read everything. The most important thing is they start to love books which will make them good readers in the future.
Books with amazing characters have that charisma. Characters can be anything, a person, animal, plant, pencil, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. The only thing is to give that character his unique personality, something that a child can relate. Characters with supernatural powers, or those who are kind and funny are attractive to children.
They want magic, fairy tales,  happy humor. Yes, some great books are serious but they appear light, cute and stories end happily.Through reading, children can travel and experience.



Bethany posterPublished by Woolys Wagon



– Interesting animal stories from one of the experienced writers, Bethany Bull. Unicorns, Dragons & Trolls uNICORS,DRAGONSis a collection of short stories for the young intermediate reader. Included are: The Phoenix and the Dragon, a story of friendship; Bliss and the Magic Unicorn, a story of believing in yourself; Oric, Linus, Pindar and Hera, a dragon story about listening; and The Lonely Troll, a beginner story about bullying.

A Fish, A Wolf, A Mouse and a RaindropaFISH,A MOUSE is a collection of short stories for the young intermediate reader. Included are: Max and Goldie, a story about the life of fish; The Wolf of Ghost Mountain, a story about animals being captured; Brown and His Wonderful Escape, about a mousely adventure; and Blue, The Story of a Raindrop, where the process of evaporation is told in a context young readers will find fun.




Big TBig T and His Herbivore Friends is a story about friendship and following rules. The group of dinosaur friends stray from the rules and find themselves searching for their friend who has been kidnapped.


Exquisitely color illustrated these books are a good transition from younger children’s books to chapter books.




About the AuthorBethany Bull
Bethany was born in South Africa and her imagination was her main source of entertainment. She had a love of animals and magical creatures and a vast country with big open spaces where she imagined they lived. She would make up stories for her siblings in the evenings. Sometimes she would scare the socks off them and at the same time herself! The reason she writes for children is the tremendous fun she has making up stories to feed their wonderful minds. They have no doubt an ant can talk. Their imaginations are free to believe. Bethany has always loved writing and reading and won several awards at school. This is her passion and she would love to share it with children around the world. Please write to Bethany and tell her about your magical animals and what do you think of her stories.




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