Daniela Frongia – Illustrations for Children’s Books

 Please welcome Daniela Frongia a children’s books illustrator, from Cais Arts Studio
Daniela Frongia (aka, Cais) currently lives in London, UK where she works as a freelance illustrator.
She was born in Cagliari, Italy. By the age of 4 she was already showing a passion and talent for drawing, inspired by the colorful style of the Disney classics and later Manga. She studied and obtained a degree from the Art School. 3e
Next she dedicated herself to mastering airbrush technique on Bikers and then focused on digital graphics.
Her first art exhibitions on canvas occurred in the diverse galleries of London when she moved there in 2009.
In 2010 she made the decision to dedicate herself to illustrating children book and novel and she now collaborates with authors and publishers from all around the world.
Cartoons are her major source of inspiration and she loves to create funny characters, and this is why she creates illustration for children’s books.She wants to make them smile and is her way of bringing joy to children all around the world.3b1
All her illustrations are hand drawn and then colored through a graphic software.
Here are a few samples of her illustrations and if you want to see more about her art you can visit her at her website or get in touch with her on her social media accounts.
Daniela Frongia about what she is doing,apart from illustrations.
   “I had 2 publication on a weekly here in London called ” Londrasera”.DANIELA FRONGIA
Currently, I am collaborating with an Association of Volunteers called “maison sans Frointieres“,( http://www.volontaritogo.org/ )  that raises money to help African children in a village near Togo.
I am collecting from all over the world books written in French (illustrated or not)  for these children to build a little library.
Last year I was chosen among the top ten THE UK’s MOST ENGAGED WOMEN ON LINKEDIN.”

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