My Guide-Manage Chronic Pain by Rebecca Richmond-Authors PR Reviews

My Guide: Manage Chronic PainMy Guide: Manage Chronic Pain by Rebecca Richmond

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My Guide: Manage Chronic Pain

Rebecca Richmond’s book provides strategies and coping tips for better pain management based on her own experience. My Guide: Manage Chronic Pain combines the concepts of mind, body and spirit, pointing to the relationship between people who are in pain with their body and mind.

The guide helps readers to understand pain and the power of mind. It also provides information on pain-relieving techniques, diet and exercise. Complete with details on support groups and forums, this book offers high-value advice for daily life. People in pain need to take responsibility for their mental and physical health.

My Guide: Manage Chronic Pain helps to change your lifestyle and together with medical treatment, it can be your partner against pain.

Here are a few tips that could help you on your journey to a healthy and happy life:

“Negative Emotions are a Pain”:

– don’t take everything on board
– learn to be flexible
– let things wait
– don’t try to change the world
– learn to be happy
– forget about perfection
– everything passes
– learn to be in the moment
– listen to your inner voice
– don’t waste energy bearing grudges

Did I convince you to read this magnificent book? I hope so.

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