Rocks Through My Window – Jeannie Coco

Rocks Through My Window by Jeannie Coco

Rocks Through My Window

In her novel, Jeannie Coco presents a tender and transformative exploration of family and reconciliation.The author has a flair of sweetening the fact that, ready or not,change happens,children grown up and fly away from home.

Miscommunication in Gigi and Tony Ramadi’s family almost keep them apart and they try to find the best way to deal with parenting , their marriage and everything in between.

 Rocks Through My Window by Jeannie Coco put the parenting skills to the test and offers surprising discoveries about how not only stay married but stay in love.

In the most precious, delightful ways the author takes the readers on a journey through marriage and parenting that offer more introspection and discovery of the love and beauty that a family can share.

Jeannie Coco encourages parents to listen , heartfelt and careful to their kids, find the right time to step aside and enjoy a happily empty nest when the children leave home for their own good.

 Rocks Through My Window is a thoughtful piece about family’s values,how to be there for each other, respect, communication and how all these can solve a marital crisis.

And the secret of parenting is…

Jeannie Coco ~ ” No, no family is perfect. Life’s not perfect, and a crisis in a family, or polarization within a family, or dysfunctional parenting skills, stress, forgiveness, whatever the case may be, can wreak havoc on a marriage.  Many marriages don’t survive the challenges.  Mine did.  I’m one of the lucky ones. When you decide to either seek inspiration, or look for assistance, or simply read for entertainment, you’ll find out how I did it by reading Rocks Through My Window. You’ll also discover how thankful I am to have traveled the road chosen, and why.”

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Media Press Kit from Merrimack Media
Just when you think you’ve reached the finish line of parenting, it advances.
Gigi and Tony Ramadi thought they were done raising two children until their younger child flunked out of Yale. Denying his demons, their son, Mark, escapes to Europe only to find more.

In a story permeated with heartache, a family’s soul is fragmented by a growing chasm between a father and son as a mother desperately struggles to hold everyone together. Can she save her son? Can she save herself from her own unresolved
issues of control and find healing from within to save her marriage? Written from the heart and with deep passion, Rocks through My Window brilliantly tells a piercingly relatable story of family polarization and forgiveness, inspiring hope.

Published by Merrimack Media, 12/09/13
Cambridge, MA 02142
306 pages
ISBN: 978-1-939166-33-3

ISBN: 978-1-939166-34-0
FIC042000 FICTION / Christian / General

Marketing & Publicity
• Jeannie Coco is available for a full-media tour, TV appearances, radio and print media to promote the book.
• She has already started building an audience through social media and blogging though her website and is open to online campaigns, promotions and special sales, all currently in the planning stages.


jeannieBorn and raised in Boston’s south shore, Jeannie Coco has a life-long reputation of being an engaging storyteller, but it was her high-school sweetheart, now husband, Bob, who repetitively encouraged her to write.

A graduate of Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, her degree in Business is the antithesis of her current interest, inspirational writing.

Jeannie lives for travel, kayaking adventures, golf tournaments, and great skiing on New England mountains. She and her husband make their home in Plymouth, MA.

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