TC Slonaker – author of The Angelmen Series

The Angelmen Series chronicles, the discovery of four leaders of the long forgotten race of the Nephilim who have just been identified by the enemy. Satan wants to activate his army of old to boost his chances in the final battle against all that is God. God is determined to rescue his people, who, although originally propagated by the meeting of demons and women, became more human than angelic other than a few latent powers activated in the presence of one another. God will not save them without the obedience of a sacrifice. Will the leaders work together to save their race from Satan’s regime? Who will be the sacrifice?



Amity of the Angelmen:

amity of the angelmen


Amity David is the first angelman to learn of her new heritage. As a pastor’s daughter, this seventeen-year-old student doesn’t think there is much she has not already learned about God and His plans. Her own personal angel has come to tell her she’s wrong. The mission she is given flies in the face of her quiet life and can only be sorted out with the help of the young priest, Mackenzie Abel, who wants to help Amity solve her identity crisis to avoid his own. Mackenzie sends Amity on her way to complete her mission, not knowing how much more God will ask of him in this war as well.


Asher of the Angelmen:

asher of the angelmen


Nothing could stop Asher Andrews. The high school football and track star was on his way to stardom as a professional athlete. One day in October, however, his life made an interesting twist as he was told by an angel that he’s only partly human. His new life as an angelman would involve finding Amity, finding love, and protecting the Cause. Realizing how lonely his fame had made him, Asher was ready to accept his mission. However, demons were sent to bring the angelman down before he could complete his mission.


Nothing could stop Asher Andrews… but the forces of Satan would surely try.


Author Bio:


After finishing a career as a teacher to stay at home raising children, T.C. Slonaker found herself with many hours of to fill with thoughts and books. She began filling those hours by running outside on the trail with books on her iPod. After completing the Chronicles of Narnia books, she was determined to also give light to God’s story through allegorical writing about curious creatures. The idea came to her to start a series about the Nephilim to show a story of God’s redemption.

When she’s not writing, T.C. enjoys sports such as baseball and football, riding her bike and running, and spending time with her husband and three kids at their home in South Central Pennsylvania. And if any of that could be done on the beach at the Jersey shore with a bowl of ice cream, so much the better.

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