World Autism Awareness Day – Interview with Tracy Roberts



Joe Westlake and Tracy G. Roberts


The seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2014.

Autism is a neurobiological disorder and affects social and communications skills. Autistic people have unusual ways of learning or reacting to sensations.




 Interview with Tracy G. Roberts founder of Positively autistic Radio Show, Autism Specialist, Teaching Assistant and Carer


Hello Tracy and welcome. Please tell me when did you start Positively Autistic Radio Show and why. How did you come up with the idea of this radio show?

Hi my name is Tracy Roberts. I’m the mother of a daughter who is 26 and on the Autistic Spectrum.

I also work as an Autism Specialist in a secondary school as well as being the founder of Positively Autistic. This is an online social media and radio station enterprise. Self-funded by raising funds with our volunteers when needed and including the odd donation.

I started out in the radio working for a company dealing with Autism based in Canada and I was a co presenter on a show. I quickly realised that this was a fantastic idea and medium to help people on the spectrum build their confidence. So along with a guy called Carl Munson we launched our own project in the UK.We started the shows to give Autistic people a chance to present and produce their own shows also we do topic based shows to offer an insight into the Autistic community presented by a mix of people me included.

What are your radio aims and what topics do you explore in your show?

We explore a range of topics covering all ages. Help, advice and topical news stories also we have regular features from guest and people on the international Autism community as we follow their lives.

How people on Autistic Spectrum can benefit from your support and advice?

People can benefit from this by seeing that with the right help support and encouragement they can achieve not just in the world of radio but in any field they choose.

I want to ask you, as a carer, what is your opinion about alternative and complementary therapies in assisting people on the Autism Spectrum?

As a carer I will always try to think outside the box, alternative therapies included. But would always be cautious and look at research and fact before I try things. I’m open to anything that can help in a realistic manner.

How did you decide to raise autism awareness this year?

This year I decided that Positively Autistic can raise awareness by asking people to wear coloured ribbons in their hair.

When people ask why they are doing this they can give some info and facts about Autism or direct them to myself at Positively Autistic. We are also doing a number of Radio shows to highlight Autism awareness including a  ten hour marathon on April 12th.

What do you expect from your Autism Awareness Event on April 2nd?

I’m hoping that from April the second lots more understanding and consideration will be achieved so that the world of a person on the spectrum can be made brighter and be fulfilled.

There is still so much assumption and so many barriers out there although things are slowly changing it needs to gather pace so lives can change quicker and for the better.

If some of our readers want to make a donation, how they can do it, how they can offer their support?

We are a self-funded enterprise so therefore not a registered charity. We would be grateful for donations these will go towards funding the subscriptions for the radio services we use. They are Blog Talk and Spreaker.

Thank you for being with us today Tracy Roberts and hope some of our readers will spread the word,share and join your event.

positively autistic

Positively Autistic Radio Shows

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Please share and invite people to join Tracy Roberts’s event here

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