Changing Spaces by Nancy King

Changing SpacesChanging Spaces by Nancy King

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Changing Spaces is a gripping tale of one woman self discovery ‘after she lost her life’-a divorce after 40 years of marriage.Powerfully felt and beautiful written,full of sense and heart-wrenching sorrow,Changing Spaces by Nancy King is a novel that focused on the bittersweet of reinventing a new life for Laura,a 60 years old woman.

Zach and Laura story unfolds in a pattern of domination by a husband determined to assert his mastery over his wife.Her life grows very turbulent when her husband Zach breaks their marriage in the name of love for a younger woman,Abby who is pregnant and Laura can’t understand how they ended up with a crumbling relationship.

She is shocked and running from her husband and her past she arrives in Santa Fe,forget heartbreak and betrayal and learns a new definition of friendship and success.

Laura faces profound choices and personal transformations that will surprise sometimes even herself.

Will they solve the domestic drama and how?You will find the answers by reading Changing Spaces,a stunning book to be savored in a quiet,reflective mood.

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About the author

Nancy King, Ph.D is the author of the novels A Woman Walking, The Stones Speak and Morning Light.The Stones Speak was optioned for a film and won the first place in the New Mexico Press women’s communication contest.

A prolific essayist Nancy King has also written seven non-fiction books-most recently Dancing With Wonder:Self-discovery Through Stories – an exploration of her writing and drama workshops in the US and abroad.She feels fortunate to br privy to the stories people share.

Changing Spaces grew of a conversation Dr.King had with a woman who said ”That was before I lost my life”.

Nancy King lives in Santa Fe,New Mexico and she is a contributing writer for the online journal Your Life is A Trip.

Changing Spaces
The Stones Speak
Morning Light
A Woman Walking

Dancing With Wonder: Self-Discovery Through Stories
Storymaking In Education and Therapy, 
co-authored with Alida Gersie

and to learn about readings and workshops:
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