A Luminous Future by Teodor Flonta

A Luminous Future: Growing Up in Transylvania in the Shadow of CommunismA Luminous Future: Growing Up in Transylvania in the Shadow of Communism by Teodor Flonta

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Review of A Luminous Future by Teodor Flonta
Madi Preda – AuthorsPR

In his memoirs of a childhood in Romania during the communism, Teodor Flonta offers an insight into the life in a small village in Transylvania, Lupoaia. The author describes in precisely details how it was like living in Romania under the communist regime and how its poisonous touch left a mark on people lives.
His father was a survivor of several persecution and accusations of being a chiabur and enemy of the people, by Securitate and Mr.Flonta felt the need to tell the story about the reality of life at the time, the indoctrination in school and the permanent fear of the secret police who always was watching and listening. In his honesty Teodor Flonta describes how friends or members of the family betray each other and how people learned to bend under the cruelty of oppressors to stay alive.
The individual characters are powerfully described and the author caught in an absolute perfect way the ugliness of life in The Communist Era.
Teodor Flonta convey a certain sadness over the people lives and reveals the oppressive regime as it was, a political poison and not at all a social paradise, there wasn’t a luminous future how The Communist Party liked to say.
But there always was hope and today Romania is a free country,a part of a free world. Few reminiscences there but the things will change through a few generations,once again there is hope.
A Luminous Future would be a great read for the young generation to understand what communism meant in Romania and for everyone else who is interested in political studies or people who want to know more about this beautiful country and understand what the Romanians were going through.
A Luminous Future: Growing Up in Transylvania in the Shadow of Communism
I have to say that I am Romanian so Mr.Flonta’s book resonates with me in a special way.

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