Shirley Ford – Follow your dreams and never give up

I am pleased to introduce today a very nice lady, Shirley Ford, the author of With Love from Libby, a fictional motivational story about following our dreams.

‘’Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.’’

 ~ Pope John XXIII (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli) ~


with love from libbyAll the young Libby ever wanted was to become a police officer. She finally achieves her dream and begins a promising career in the police force. Then Jack enters her life; a charismatic man, who sets his sights on her. She quickly falls for his charms and although friends try to discourage her relationship with Jack, she is unable to break away. She soon finds herself married, with two daughters and giving up her dream. Jack changes as soon as he has Libby under his control and so a life of downtrodden housewife begins for her. He verbally abuses her and there is always an underlying threat of physical abuse. The only redeeming feature in her humdrum life is a talent she discovers for writing short stories. Her family ridicule her when they find out and so her writing becomes her well-guarded secret. It takes a tragic accident to change the direction of Libby’s life forever. A direction she never felt would be possible.

Libby suddenly finds herself embarking on a new life; a life filled with happiness and success.

From the author:

One of the more pleasant aspects of school life was writing essays, for which I consistently received good marks. I left school, began my working life and the writing stopped. I have taken many different paths along the way, from office worker, to coffee-shop owner, to interior design, to director of a pet accessory import/export company.clip_image002

My life carried on and my husband and I moved to Dorset, where I met a wonderful woman called Sallyann Sheridan, herself a writer. She is a very special, spiritual woman, who daily overcomes great physical disability with laughter and lots of Costa coffee! I became her assistant when she ran writing workshops. She encouraged me to write and I began with short stories, but didn’t enjoy them very much. I became convinced that I could write a novel, Sallyann encouraged and helped me and I finally produced an ebook called Every Why in 2012. I was so proud of that book. I then started on a sequel called Be Mindful, which was published in 2013. I also re-hashed and re- published my poetry book as an ebook, changing the title to Heartfelt. I have recently completed novel number three entitled With Love From Libby. My next project is a story of my experiences in the 1950’s (giving my age away now!) as the young daughter of a stationmaster on the North Cornwall railways. I hope to complete this book by the summer of 2014.

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Every Why

Be Mindful

With Love From Libby


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AuthorsPR Review of With Love from Libby by Shirley Ford

Going through what may be many women’s nightmare, coping with an abusive husband and two badly behaved daughters, Libby is working hard to maintain the façade of a normal family.

Along the way she has lost her self-esteem and her confidence, she is never shown any respect apart from one very good friend, Carol, who she met at the police training establishment. Jack is a very selfish character who has bullied her all their life, and treated her like someone who doesn’t matter at all and her daughters, grown ups now, call her a doormat without putting any fault on their father or questioning his behaviour.

Not being able to express herself or discuss anything with her family, Libby starts writing and tries to keep this hidden from them. Every time when they discover what she has been up to they laugh at her and make her feel even more insignificant.

In this book by Shirley Ford,  I identified a few major subplots; the strong beliefs of Libby’s in her marriage vows despite her husband’s character, her strength to rebuild herself after Jack’s death and the importance of friendship and being surrounded by supportive people who believe in you, which helps Libby to become a successful writer.

Once again, a story which motivates everyone to follow their dreams.

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