How to stimulate children’s creativity without breaking the bank


black-33184_150 boy cartoonMusic Audio Stories
By Busy Bees Publishing

Stories Narrated by Anna-Christina
Author/Composer Anna-Christina
Produced by Anna-Christina/Adie Hardy

How do these audio stories benefit parents?education-25156_150

Not only are these audio books fantastic fun, they are great for giving you a short break in your busy schedule. They help long car journeys fly by and aid bonding with your child through acting out the stories together and you don’t need any bookshelves to put them on.

How can these stories be used?

These stories are a great way to allow your children to use their own imagination, acting out the stories, drawing how they imagine the characters to be, singing, dancing and joining in, stimulating their creative senses.kindergarten-206883_150
They can be enjoyed by children aged 3 to 7 and are of great enjoyment to the blind. They can also be a useful learning tool for children with impaired vision or vision disabilities. We have a genuine passion for creating these audio stories and hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we have making them.

About Busy Bees:

acbusybeeWhat started off as a college assignment by Anna-Christina has developed into this fun new project, which then became Busy Bees Publishing in 2012 along with Adie Hardy. Whilst working on their first audio story March of The Ants, they searched online for other audio stories similar to theirs, yet could find nobody combining original classical music with original children’s stories and sound effects. They decided to invent their own genre and call their creations “Music Audio Stories”.


Stories Available

  • March of The Antsmarch-of-the-ants-293x293

FREE download here:

  • Chris the Caterpillarchris the caterpillar -There once was a certain caterpillar named Chris. Chris was feeling a bit down because more than anything in the world he wanted to be a colorful butterfly to soar about the garden rather than a boring old caterpillar that has to crawl along the ground. One day a fairy, named Butterfly, found Chris moping and decided to help him out. Taking a bit of color from each flower in the garden, she waved her magic wand and turned Chris into the most beautiful and colorful butterfly. His dream had come true and he vowed to always look after the flowers in the garden.


  • Johnny No Cash -Follow the adventure of Johnny the hamster as he stumbles over the johnny-no-cash-293x293countryside, crosses a river with pirate crows and enters The West.


  • Jimi & his friend Joe – Based on a tabby cat with unusually large ears called Jimi, this is a story about two unlikely friends.Jimi_cover-293x293


  • The Big Apple – This story follows the unlikely adventure of a tiny little worm called the_big_apple-293x293Ronnie, who manages to worm her way from her woodland home to New York City, The Big Apple.



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