Power Of The Book Cover

”Creativity is intelligence having fun” ~ Albert Einstein

Sometimes it happens that what goes on in our heads cannot be expressed with words. On these occasions art is the way to express what is there.

The reason that writers write, is because they feel that they have something to say to the world, something which matters and they believe in the power of words. It is the same with an artist.

I am very hesitant to call myself an artist as it is not my main profession and I’m not that skilled, but recently I’ve been playing with the idea of designing book covers and here are a few examples.

mystery book cover

On the left hand side is a one-off speculative cover design which of course I am pleased with.

On the right hand side is another pre-made book cover which can be personalized on the writer’s request.



Here is a cover for my husband’s play , JUDICIAL REVIEW, which we hope to be on stage shortly.

final cover Judicial Review

Next, I want to introduce you to a new artist Alin Cristian Oprea. We worked together on a design for Darmie Orem the author of Keeper Of The Lesser Flame.This is another design by Alin,Alin Cover

And here is the one designed by me.

darmie final

Alin Oprea is a young artist who is worthy of your attention.He is a self-taught artist who likes to present himself simply as a tattoo artist, but he is also a talented graphic designer and also, he is my son.

Alin discovered his passion for design when he was about 12 years old and since then – because the market it is so competitive – he continues to develop his skills and has learned many new techniques.He offers his design services, for logos,banners,promotional and advertising materials, book covers and of course his  tattoos, if you should decide to get one.

To be inspired by Alin’s art and to engage him in some projects we have a few more examples below:

Alin Cristian Oprea – Online Portfolio 

The book cover captures the magic of the book when the book remains unread and the visual impact often lasts longer when the words get forgotten.

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