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My name is Bruce A. Borders, author of crime-fiction books. I guess you could call me a professional dreamer – or a schemer. Either one fits.

As a young boy, books always fascinated me. The stories they told were so captivating, so spellbinding. The further I got into a book, the more absorbed I became – and the more questions I had. I wanted to know the what, where, who, and when, of the entire story. But the question that most intrigued me was the “how.” I found it utterly fascinating how everything connected, how seemingly impossible situations were resolved, and especially how things always worked out. With the right explanation, even the strangest puzzle can make sense.

Eventually, I progressed to devising my own conundrums – and then solving them. Things like how to rob a bank, how to gain access to a high-security building or escape from one, or how to get away with murder. This was all hypothetical of course. I never actually wanted to do any of these things. The thrill was in figuring out how they could be done.

Obviously, none of the adults in my life were impressed by my newfound interest. Everyone seemed to agree this “daydreaming” would serve no useful purpose in life. One teacher even told me my pastime was dangerous and unhealthy; that anyone with this sort of mentality would probably end up being a criminal and doing time in prison.

For some people, his prediction could have been right; I can see how it could happen. And, I suppose I could have used his words of warning as an excuse to follow a crooked road to a life of crime. But, I didn’t. Instead, I became a writer.

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Bruce’s questions & answers on THIS site:


  1. 1.      RRBC: What inspires you to write? 

B.B.: Good question! I’m always devising scenarios in my head, working out details of what seems impossible. Once I get started, I can’t wait to write them down – and then labor over them for months. I think my inspiration comes then, as a result of being driven to finish what I’ve started.


  1. 2.      RRBC: What do you love most about writing?

B.B.: When the book is finally done and everything makes sense.


  1. 3.       RRBC: What’s the most challenging part?

B.B.: Creating believable storylines and then communicating those through the characters.


  1. 4.      RRBC: How do you craft your story & characters?

 B.B.:  I start with a rough idea in my head and just write. After the first draft, I go back and try to connect everything, flesh out the story, and further develop the characters. If I’m patient, the characters will reveal themselves – almost.


  1. RRBC: How much research is involved?

B.B.: Depends on the book and genre. My action series is fairly limited in the amount of research required. For my crime fiction novels, I spend a lot of time looking up laws and judicial procedures.


  1. 6.      RRBC: How long did it take from idea to finished book?

B.B.: Typically, four to six months.


  1. 7.      RRBC: Do you have any writing rituals or habits?

B.B.:  No rituals, but I do try to make writing every day a habit.


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