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Today I have a special guest from UK, Maurice Tudor. When I said a special guest I mean a friend who supported me along the way and from whom I learned a lot.

Maurice has been a writer for over 16 years and he has a blog and a ”few” platforms, all for the purpose of helping authors to promote their books.

Let’s see what the founder of Book Shelf Brand has to say about his services.

 Welcome Maurice and thank you for taking your time to tell us more about Book Shelf Brand. When was the site set up and how did you get the idea to offer these services?

I set the site up in June 2013 after another long stay in hospital as I wanted to do something for myself as well as writers, for myself I needed to keep my brain active.

   What services do you offer and why are they free?

 I offer now more than 15 platforms to promote my members and the latest was started 11th Feb this year Bookshelf News a sort of newspaper that allows my members to be featured within 24 hours, why free? I don’t need money for my present life style and authors are not rich yet!!.

 Please tell me more about the opportunities for writers and everyone else related to publishing industry.

Well as above I extend my free promotions to the whole writing industry and so publishers etc are included

 You put huge amount of work to run all these platforms. Is there a team or at least someone who’s helping you?

 No I do it all myself and love doing it as it keeps me active and more importantly alive!!

 What is your site advertising policy? You have there paid services or just free offers; which is which?

99% free

 What it is that makes Book Shelf special?

I don’t know but over 600 members think it is!

 What do you think is the most important advantage for a writer when join your website?

Not to take me for a fool and join just for a freebie

What kind of writers do you support and where they come from?

I support and help all writers Worldwide, aspiring to acclaimed published authors

 What is your message for all the writers in order to convince them to become members of  Book Shelf?

I don’t really know only that I am sincere in helping writers, and like to think they are also.

Thank you and wish you good luck, many members and many visitors.

 Maurice Tudor from BookShelf, a place where writers support each others for their success. Check out Maurice’s platforms, become a member and have a look at his books on Amazon.

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