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My GRL BY John W. Howell, an adventure of a reluctant hero fighting unscrupulous terrorists and stop them with their evil plans.

The main character of this book is a successful lawyer, John Cannon, who instead of finding his peaceful leave of absence from his firm and enjoying his new acquisition, luxury fishing boat – My GRL, he is faced with other circumstances. He finds himself in incredible danger and being the suspect in the death of a young and attractive woman, Gerry who sold him the yacht. He knows he didn’t pull the trigger, but asks himself if there was something connected with him which caused Gerry to be killed.

As the story unfolds, John is haunted by an evil mastermind; a terrorist who plans to kill lots of innocent people in an explosion, in the name of insane beliefs and reasons.

John attempts to work with the terrorists to undermine their schemes and is soon over his head.

Crafted with exciting twists this action thriller has not only a compelling plot, but a likeable hero who saves a number of victims, still alive thanks to him.

In this real page turner, the threat of danger remains until the last page and this intriguing glimpse into the minds of terrorists resonates in a frightening way.


Let’s see how John W.Howell makes readers to buy his book.


I am pleased to have John W Howell here today sharing a bit about himself and his debut novel My GRL.John W Howell

Please introduce yourself John and tell us something unique about you as a person first and then as a writer.

Thank you Madi. First of all, I am very grateful for your help. Secondly I am now a writer, but my uniqueness as a person lies in the fact I have had three careers leading up to this point. I was a business person retired at age fifty, a consultant hired by one of my clients, contracts professional for fifteen years, and finally an author. I currently live on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast. My children are grown and my wife and I tend to our rescue dogs and cats. As a writer, my uniqueness lies in believing my reader should never be in the dark in terms of the story.

I try to be transparent in involving the reader in the suspense yet having enough twists to remain interesting.

What events led to you becoming a writer?

My youngest child graduated from college in 2012 which gave me the opportunity to retire from organized commerce and devote my time to writing full time. I wrote a book before My GRL while I was working. The book is in manuscript form and is on a shelf in the laundry room. I found for me trying to work and write lead to some pretty bad writing. Lucky for me the work was still good though.

What sparked the idea of My GRL? In a few words what is the book about?

I was visiting the Aircraft Carrier Lexington which is moored in Corpus Christi Texas and wondered what would happen if some terrorists wanted to make a statement by destroying her. The rest of the book unfolded from trying to figure out a way to do it. The book is about the terrorists loading the protagonist’s boat with explosives and using a guidance system to get it near an American institution and destroying it for the purpose of gaining notoriety for their cause. Unfortunately for John Cannon he bought the boat the terrorists earmarked as the perfect vehicle and now he is the only one who stands in the way of their achievement.

Who inspired your main character John Cannon? Tell us a bit more about him please.

John J. Cannon is a pure figment of my imagination, but he has agglomeration of traits of a number of ordinary men I have met through the years. He is a lawyer, but quiet and unassuming and goes about his work with the dedication of someone who isn’t interested in money, only doing a good job for his clients. He is slightly obsessive compulsive and tries to control the disorder as much as possible. He is single and has not had much success with long term relationships although he is more than willing to commit to one. Also, since he pretty much works night and day as a litigator, he has a very large bank account which he intends to take advantage of while he pursues his desire to be a charter boat captain during a leave of absence from his law firm.

Please tell the readers why the terrorists killed Gerry, the boats broker?

The terrorists felt Gerry represented a risk to their mission since she began to become uncooperative. During negotiations she began to have second thoughts and then she reached out to John Cannon and pretty much sealed her fate.

Why they kidnapped John afterwards and what is their evil plan?

John was taken because the billionaire funding the operation named Jacobs, had lost an acrimonious lawsuit with John representing the other side. In Jacobs mind John had humiliated him and he now wants revenge. The terrorists intend to have John on the boat when it reaches its target and explodes. In this way, John will go down in history as a perpetrator of evil much like Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth. The evil plan is to destroy an American treasure and to create awareness for a cause which has as its base misguided belief sins of the past need to be avenged.

In your writing process of My GRL did you let the book stew for a while?

I really did not. I started the book and worked on it each day until the draft was finished four months later. Some of the elements I had to work out while riding my bike on the beach, but managed to get it done in that time frame.

What are your plans for the future, will you dabble in other writing styles? Do you have any work in progress at the moment?

I have finished the draft sequel of My GRL which has an operating title of His Revenge. It tells the story of the mastermind Jacobs and his efforts to continue to achieve recognition for his cause. I also relax and write short stories which tend to explore the human condition. I have a number that are all dialog since I find it a challenge to have a complete story with nothing but discussion. I also am trying to write poetry, but it is slow going. I intend to start the final John Cannon trilogy in April. All I have right now is an outline and the title of; Our Justice.

When you don’t write how do you like to relax?

When I am not writing I go for long bike rides on the beach. This is a way to clear the head and I have to admit, work on stories. Also I enjoy walking my dogs, as well as, reading when not writing. I do write seven days a week so leisure time is really not plentiful.  My final leisure activity is restoring my 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser. I do all the work myself and since I have little mechanical ability it is slow work.

What can you tell other writers to encourage them in pursuing their writing goals?

The most important thing about pursuing writing goals is to write. Yes, some planning should be done, but I find most writers who get writer’s block tend to overthink their writing. I don’t know of any writer who has written something they are totally pleased with the first time. It takes a lot of practice to turn out a finished product. My GRL has over 10,000 words that I cut before publication. There were scenes that were overwritten and did not move the story ahead. Those words are not lost, since they were part of the finished product through the learning they gave me. If I had stopped while writing to make sure everything was perfect I never would have finished. The second most important thing is to be brave enough to be criticized for what is written. Trying to avoid criticism is another killer of writing productivity.

If you could use only one word to describe yourself what would it be?

Tenacious. Once I start something I keep going until it is finished.

Where readers can find more about you and buy your book?

The book is available:

Amazon UK at:

Amazon US at:

Martin Sister Publishing:

And soon at,,, Nook, Kobo. Apple iPhone, Droid, Sony, Diesel and Baker and Taylor

John can be contacted:





Amazon Author:


Thank you for being with us today John Howell and I wish you many, many readers who enjoy My GRL and to look forward for your next book.





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  1. Great interview, I really enjoyed it. It’s so encouraging to read an authors journey in publishing their first book. John is certainly tenacious – restoring a land rover with not much mechanical experience.


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