The People in Between by Gregory S.Lamb

The People in Between – A Cyprus Odyssey

After 26 years as an Air Force Officer and Pilot, when retired Gregory S. Lamb was able to realize his dreams of being a writer. He lives now in Portland Oregon.

The moment when Gregory decided to write People in Between – A Cyprus Odyssey it was while he was visiting an old village, Kayaköy on the Southern Turkish Coast. For the author that was an emotional lesson about population exchange, that took place in Turkey before and after World War One. Later on, living in Cyprus, this beautiful island still divided between Greeks and Turkish Cypriots, he wrote The People in Between.

Gregory Lamb worked on a peace-building program with a group of Cypriot Youth and his intention is to have a sequel of A Cyprus Odyssey. The next title is A generation of Hope and he promised that 100% of the royalties from this sequel will go to this peace building program with the hope that will increase the odds of re-unifying their divided nation.


  ‘’United we stand, divided we fall’’

                        ~ Aesop ~

 Book Cover

This is a family’s history shaped by the conflicts of 1960’s – 1970’s in Cyprus. The book is structured in many subplots; the beautiful and descriptive settings of north and south of Cyprus and the life there in the modern days, a bit of history and the turbulent troubles of those years, the emotional attachment of people lives, people who suffered the loss and endured the turmoil of becoming refugees and the love story of Nora Johansson who embarks on an adventure to Cyprus, her mother’s place of birth and fell in love with a Turkish Cypriot – Aydin.

Written with a good balance of dialog and narration and without taking sides, Gregory makes the readers feel Nora’s emotions of finding more about her family history and her battle to find her aunt Dedim who was lost sight for so many years.

Before her father died of a terminal illness, he told Nora and her twin brother Nils everything he knew about their mother past and about their life together. He and Nora were together on a remembering travel in Cyprus, revisiting places where the parents were together and felt so happy. Bit by bit Nora rediscovered his father and she is very determined to find her lost aunt Dedim.

I found People in Between a touching story which makes me think how important is to know our family history and how little we know sometimes.

Do you know your family story; have you done everything to find out more?

Read Gregory Lamb’s Book and sure you will change your mind.

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3 thoughts on “The People in Between by Gregory S.Lamb

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    • 🙂 John, at my age I discovered how little I know about my family.Unfortunately they are all with the stars now and it is too late.No hopes for a glorious background just feeling sorry for not knowing enough.


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