Find Your Food Cure – Happy Healthy Gut by Jennifer Browne



Literature feeds our spirit and food feeds our body.

For a change, today I am presenting a book who show us how to control some digestive problems by changing our diet.

”You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well.”                                                                                         ~Wayne Dyer~ 

The general approach to diet is to contain the correct amount of nutrients in the correct proportions. A correct diet play a major role in prevention of diseases and in some situations in conjunction with prescribed medication may alleviate some diseases’ conditions.

Foods we eat mean more than calories, it has an effect on brain chemistry and it helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. Irritable Bowel System is affecting many people or even normal people have some foods intolerance. Reading Jennifer Browne book-Happy Healthy Gut, based on her own experience, we can learn to eat meals that are healthy and safe for everyone.


A healthy diet is one that is balanced.

Happy Healthy Gut: The Natural Diet Solution to Curing Your IBS and Other Digestive Disorders 

“Jennifer Browne tells a much needed personal story about health. Few disease clusters are so confusing as are the gastrointestinal diseases—often vague diagnoses and lots of misery. A good personal story along with some respectable science is very much in order. Here’s a story well worth reading.” —T. Colin Campbell, PhD Professor Emeritus of Nutrition Biochemistry, Cornell University

Genre: Non-Fiction, Health and Wellness

Formats available: Kindle, Hardcover.

Page number : 272 

Publication date: January 2, 2014

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

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Twitter:  @jennifer_browne


Happy Healthy Gut Cover Design Millions of Americans deal with daily digestive malfunction and attribute it to genetics or faulty wiring. Jennifer Browne reveals the common denominator present in almost all chronic digestive angst: food. What we choose to fuel ourselves with has a direct impact on every part of our bodies, starting with the digestive system. Browne urges us to own responsibility for our own health and make conscientious decisions regarding the cause and effect foods have on our digestive tracts. Written in frank, humorous laymen’s terms and sharing her own personal success story along with others’, Browne passionately educates her readers on why a plant-based diet is the only prescription necessary for a happy, healthy tummy. Discover the direct correlation between digestive trauma and factory farming; the incredible benefits of juicing, fermenting, and sprouting food; the reason why GMOs lead to IBS; and what ingredients really just translate to “sugar” or “lab-created chemical.” Heal Your Gut is an easy read that is truly important and highly informative for anyone who has ever dreamed of a perfectly functioning digestive system. Jennifer Browne’s words: I am a huge promoter of digestive health and disease prevention through nutrition. After suffering through Jennifer Brownnearly ten years of stomach pain due to IBS, I finally got it together and adopted the whole food, plant-based diet that I believe has greatly improved my quality of life, and lowered my chances of developing more serious digestive problems. I want to share everything I have learned about eating and living this way, and hope to reach out to others who need help doing the same for themselves. I was diagnosed with IBS when I was twenty years old. I spent my entire twenties trying to eradicate my painful symptoms in every way I could. I have been completely pain-free for three years now, after adopting a whole food, plant-based diet. This remarkable effect has left me wondering why so many of us suffer through daily digestive pain, when the answer is so clearly simple: eat well. Today’s “food” is riddled with hundreds of toxic chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Everything is highly processed, and although it may be cheap sustenance, we pay for it more than we think we do by getting sick. A back-to-basics, whole food approach has changed my life, and I want it to change yours, too. Join me in what many doctors, authors, and foodies are calling the Food Revolution, and get well one bite at a time. Be Food-Forward: think about what makes you feel amazing, and eat it! Don’t eat food that stresses your body out- it’s that simple. Cheers to good health!

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5 thoughts on “Find Your Food Cure – Happy Healthy Gut by Jennifer Browne

  1. I bought this book 2 weeks ago out of desperation. My gut was a mess. Now, after reading and applying Jennifer’s principles, I have hope for a new life. I feel so much better already. There is so much information in this book. It’s an easy read and chalk full of incredible information. I am recommending it to everyone.


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