How to reach more readers – new marketing opportunity for writers


Rick Karlsrucher’s Message and invitation to join Noveltunity

Noveltunity® is the world’s first ebook club that exclusively features new and undiscovered authors. It’s also unique because readers will have the chance to select the books after the first month or two of the beta.  Noveltunity® has been founded to help launch great new voices and empower readers.

We will also have classes on a wide range of subjects. In December alone members will learn what publishers are looking for; how to work on international rights and how to crowdfund for a book.

Another interesting aspect for Noveltunity® is that authors’ books will be on the digital shelves of over three dozen public libraries. By the end of the first year,we are planning for this number to be over 200.

Members/readers will get to meet the authors in our screen sharing meeting rooms. They will be able questions directly to the authors on our forums. They will vote for selections and genres of the selections for us to look for in upcoming months. Instead of talking with your neighbors, you’ll be able to make friends around the world. As of our launch, we have members in over fifteen countries and expect that number to grow.

When we reach a few thousand paying members, there will be live getaway weekends to meet the authors, other members,discuss a myriad of subjects and have some fun.

Noveltunity® wants to make social media truly social.

The authors can submit the
following to :

3 Chapters
Book cover
Link to video if they have one
Any awards they might have won

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