Roy Dimond’s Interview – Saving Our Pennys

,,Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf”

~Rabindranath Tagore ~

Roy Dimond’s Interview – Author of Saving Our Pennys (co-author Jeff Leitch)


Once again, I am pleased to interview Roy Dimond,  the author of The Singing Bowl and The Rubicon Effect.  His latest book, Saving Our Pennys is written with his  friend Jeff Leitch as a co-author.

Roy has worked for over thirty years as a Youth Worker within numerous school districts, helping at risk-families. He has spoken at universities about domestic violence, addiction, bullying and many other sensible subjects.

As a result of his varied experiences ha has many stories to share, and so began his writing career.

Roy lives with his wife in a small harbor area of GardenBay, on the West Coast of British Columbia.

Welcome Roy, I am glad to speak with you again or more accurately, to write about you.

I will not describe your previous books, the readers can see these posts from the past here: or your post within the Stop Bullying Campaign:

Let’s see if can get you into trouble today. How would you describe your personality?

First of all Madi, let me say it is wonderful to hear from you again. A lot has happened since the last time we talked. With regard to my personality, I would have to say I am a writer; which to some degree makes me a person who likes to be by himself. I don’t think I am outgoing, but I do enjoy having friends over. I think I can be as friendly as any person, but I have been told that I have a glare that could shatter windows. All in all though, I am happy and I like to laugh…a lot!

Tell me what do you think are your best points and assets? What about your bad ones?

Wow, that’s a tough one. You are putting me on the psychiatrist’s couch with that one. My best point, I like to believe, is that what you see is what you get. I never, ever, have a hidden agenda and sometimes that gets me into trouble, but I want people to know, for good or bad that they can trust me. My best asset is my wife. That’s all I’ll say about that, but she knows it, to be true. My worst asset would have to that I trust people till they prove me wrong. That one cost me a few times. But I refuse to change.

What in your opinion would be the first impression most people get when they meet you?

That I am big. Hopefully, that I have a smile on my face, and that I am glad to see them. That’s what I am usually thinking, even if it doesn’t always make it past my glare.

Has your life changed in any way since you started writing? If so, how and why?

Oh my, yes. First, the amount of time spent at the computer has increased dramatically – writing the next manuscript, answering interviews, doing marketing, yes my life has changed a lot. One real loss is I have no time for reading…a tragic loss for me.

Please tell us about your new book, Saving Our Penny’s. What was it your inner muse told you that made you write this book and why did you chose Jeff Leitch as a co-author.

Saving Our Pennys was inspired out of friendship and commitment; Friendship to my co-author and buddy Jeff as well as the deep and sincere commitment that we both bring to help others. Saving Our Pennys  was written to inspire, teach and energize others, so that they can find their way in life. I think my inner muse came from Jeff banging me on the shoulder every ten minutes saying, “We got to write this book. We got to!” But he was right, and the proof is in our pages.

The reason I wrote with him is easy, Jeff is one of the finest and most honest people I know. He’s the most real person I know. To miss out on the experience of writing with him…well lets just say I have many faults…but being stupid isn’t one of them.

Explain for our readers this sentence from your book:- ‘Stones are necessary sometimes for balance’.

Ah Madi, you picked one of the most important sections of our book. This is an aboriginal concept where words are equated with stones. Words have weight because their effects are real. Say something mean and nasty to someone and it hurts as if you had hit them with a rock. Say something kind and it’s as real as if you had given them a gift as tangible as a stone. Words have weight and one may choose how many to keep and how many to leave at the side of the road. We need some people’s words for balance, but other thoughts only weigh us down.

Here the readers can see an excerpt from the book where Penny talks about words being like stones.

What was the point which impressed you the most about Penny, to make her your main character?

She was such a vibrant child, full of life and generosity. Then one incident closed off her life, closed her off from all of us, and we were the less for it. But we all watched her climb back out of her hole, back to the sunlight, and back to sharing herself. Her determination, energy, and effort, was all just so inspiring.

In your career as a Youth Worker you have helped many people. Is it possible to help someone else while you helping yourself?

I think the question really is…Is it possible to help someone else WITHOUT helping yourself?

Who was your mentor and what you can you tell us about him?

This is a deeply personal question. Speaking about one’s mentor is so sacred, special. You are talking about a relationship of the deepest kind. All I will say is that he was Scottish, and he was my friend, and oh how we used to laugh together. He was the smartest man I ever met and yet never, ever, made anything more complicated, he simplified everything, every time.

Every story has a point. What is it that you want your readers to take away from Saving Our Pennys?

Never, never, never, never give up.

Apart from your family, who would you turn to in times of trouble Roy? How would you get back on track?

Jeff Leitch. He would be there for me in a heart beat. Everytime. Under all circumstances. I would also count on myself. I have a great confidence in myself and oddly I would also turn to nature. Sunsets, flowers, the moment…these things have healing qualities.

What is the most important goal in your life and how do you plan to achieve it?

I have already accomplished the most and only important goal in life. The secret now is to hold on to it…Some call it happiness…but I think is a by-product of leading a balanced life that is ruled by compassion.

How much time do you think we need for forgiveness, for understanding and wholeness?

For forgiveness, it takes only a second, to accept that all people are doing the best they can, all the time, and once they learn to do better they do, immediately. Knowing that makes it easier to forgive and it will stay with you for a lifetime. Understanding and wholeness however, take a lifetime. These are not things to gather and hold onto, they are ethereal in nature and can be lost in a hurtful word or a mean deed. To have any of those qualities you so wisely mentioned, even for a brief moment, is something that enriches an entire life. So to use a lifetime to experience any one of these, is worth all the toil and trouble.

Thank you for being with us again and I like to think that our readers will enjoy Saving Our Pennys just as much as I did.

Roy Dimond, author of Saving Our Pennys talking about how to find your path.


Let’s find the answer within ourselves, let’s live and surround ourselves with people who understand the power of acceptance, joy and love. Saving Our Pennys is a spiritual exercise, which enlightens and enriches every day life.

One of the many messages from this book is ‘’keep it simple’’, so let’s be grateful for what we have and look around us: we all know somebody like her…waiting.

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