Something about Maudy- Delinda McCann Stop Bullying Campaign

Today Delinda McCann brings a story for our Stop Bullying Campaign, showing us a different angle of bullying, inside the community.

Blackfish United Methodist Church was dying when Pastor Maude  and  John Wesley accepted the assignment to the church and moved  into the parsonage. The elderly congregation did not want change and Maudy  represented radical change with her navy-blue Porsche and background as an  actress.

Before Rev. Maude had completely made peace with her congregation they all became embroiled in a tumultuous riot of assault, floods, and burglaries while the threat of closure hung over the small congregation.       Maudy captured the hearts of the community when she tackled the assault case and uncovered the pervasive bullying at the school that caused one student to lash out at the nearest person. She soon learned that the students weren’t the only bullies in the community. Her example in taking on the cause inspired the small community to pull together and take effective action.

Maude and John Wesley together with Ralph, Maude’s burly boyfriend eventually sort out the wave of challenges while giving birth to a vision of how contemporary small town church can serve its community.

,,To My Congregation: This first year as your pastor at Blackfish United Methodist Church has been a wild ride. In the beginning, I thought the bishop was crazy when he appointed me to your church. He knew something had to change or the doors would close for good. He also knew I needed direction in my life. Perhaps the bishop was crazy, crazy like a fox. . You never had a woman pastor, let alone one who had once been an actress. You barely tolerated my Porsche, my dress, my makeup, and my style of ministering. You didn’t trust my son, and couldn’t understand why I didn’t want you letting yourself into the parsonage when I wasn’t home. But somehow we managed. . While I was learning to appreciate all of you, I met the man who was to give me a whole new outlook on life. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It was his love that gave me the inspiration and courage to serve all of you. Love has a way of changing us like that. . In this first year at Blackfish UMC, we survived a flood, the attempted murder of a young woman, a cheating husband, several natural deaths, two divorces, and so much more. I’m still amazed at all that has happened, and how it drew us together. Truly love conquers all. I wonder what the next year will bring. God bless all of you, Pastor Maudy”

Delinda McCann is a social psychologist who has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for over twenty Delinda Mc Cannyears. She has served on committees for the state of Washington and been an educational advisor to other governments. Her work has earned her the praise of doctors, government officials and families all over the world. She has published numerous articles on disability issues, education, and adoption. Her unique perspective and sense of humor have delighted her readers even when she has been writing about the reality of caring for a loved one who has a severe disability. When the world turns crazy, as it frequently does for the disability community, her friends say there is nobody they would rather laugh and cry with.

Delinda lives a on a small farm near Seattle, WA where she raised her daughters and now runs a small organic flower business with the help of her husband and two giant poodles. She enjoys singing with her church choir and playing the piano-poorly. A brush with cancer made her realize that she needed to slow down, so she turned to writing fiction inspired by her behind-the-scenes experiences of advocating for and loving the people who are just a little bit different.

Someone mentioned to me the film ,,Edward Scissorhands” as an example of being bullied because you are different and I think it is a good example. If only we can accept that everyone is different but learn how to coexist together, at work,in school,in our communities or even within a relationship, and respect more each other, and care more about each other the world will be a better place.

Stop Bullying – Words Hurt

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