Kindness – Stop Bullying – Words Hurt

-Dalai Lama-

,,This is my simple religion.There is no need for temples;no need for complicated philosophy.Our brain,our heart is our temple;the philosophy is kindness.”



The Book That Transforms Anti-Bullying into


True Bucketfilling Stories:

Legacies of Love


Stacey A. Lundgren


       A popular character education professional transforms ANTI-BULLYING into PRO-KINDNESS and  PRO-EMPATHY with these ten powerful, true stories. Each tells of ordinary people who leave an indelible, positive imprint on humanity by making a simple choice. Story characters choose to react with selflessness rather than selfishness, with gentleness rather than violence, with love and kindness rather than hate or anger. Any of us can choose to be a bucket filler, a person who treats others with kindness, or a bucket dipper, a person who treats others carelessly. Reading level is age 9 to adult. Share these unforgettable stories with children you love and easily teach the power of compassion, forgiveness, and the miracles that can be created by expressing love. For use in classrooms and families, each story ends with “Let’s Talk About It”, discussion questions that will facilitate talks about feelings and choices.

Author Biography  www.staceylundgren.comstacey

Stacey comes from a strong background in sales, training, teaching and public speaking.  After setting regional sales records in insurance, advertising and coaching, she served as the sales trainer for two Fortune 500 companies and presenter/trainer for a multi-state personal effectiveness organization.

She is the former co-owner and Lead Presenter of a popular Michigan-based character education organization, where she made multiple presentations in over 300 schools, a popular columnist, author, and member of the National Speakers Association, former member of National Association of Counsel for Children, MAMSE (Michigan Association of Middle School Educators) and other educational organizations.

Having lived for years in Utah and Alaska, Stacey returned to Michigan to present character education assemblies and workshops to thousands of students and teachers in hundreds of schools across the country.  In addition, she delivers keynote addresses and break-out sessions for parenting, child care and education conferences, plus numerous business presentations.

Feeling a strong pull back to Utah, Stacey now works with children at American Preparatory Academy and is excited and proud to be a new member of the Board of Directors of the Human Rights Education Center of Utah.

Stacey serves as a contributing writer/columnist for several online news sources including Troy Media, Cover2Cover, and iGuideNetwork, drawing readers from around the world.

Stacey’s sense of humor, passion for life and determination to make a difference in the lives of others resonate with all who hear her speak.  Her personal life experiences have given her a wealth of knowledge on the topics of domestic violence, divorce, child abuse, and the gift of emotional survival.  These, in turn, have given her a refreshing and realistic view on life–one that is a unique combination of laughter, compassion and toughness.

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