Discrimination and bullying-Help each other,stand up,speak up

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Discrimination is based on prejudice and embraces many forms: direct  on an individual or groups of people, discrimination on culture or religion, races  and many others. It can be obvious or hidden and disadvantages certain  people for a specific reason.

Communities can and should do a lot to prevent bullying and  discrimination because bullying it doesn’t happen only between children at  school, it can happen everywhere, at work, at home, in the communities where  we live or over the Internet.

,,Help each other, stand up, speak up”



Dr.Cherrye S. Vasquez has written a book to explain bullying behaviors and teach students that for a healthy relationship they must respect each other and accept that we cannot be all alike,and soon she will publish her new book about bullying Clique-Clique-STOP-cover-Coming-Soon

About the author:
Author Cherrye S. Vasquez is a public school administrator and an adjunct professor. She is a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction; a Master of Education in Special Education; and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology/Audiology. Vasquez specializes in Multi-cultural education and holds certifications in Early Childhood Handicapped, Mid-Management and Educational Diagnostician. She lives in Houston with her husband, Roy and her daughter, Kelly.


Diversity Daybookdiversity cover

Authored by Cherrye S. Vasquez Ph.D.

This DIVERSITY DAYBOOK was designed so that students can journal about their individuality and special qualities that makes them unique and worthy as citizens in our diverse society. Diversity awareness is important in our society because it helps children unlearn stereotypes.
This daybook will also sanction students to establish lifelong relationships while esteeming the values and significance of others for years to come.
Students cannot all be alike. There are differences as well as similarities among them. As students begin to acknowledge, accept and share their differences and similarities one to another they will begin to come to terms with diversity.
As a mother, educator and author, it is important for me to see children learning about each other in healthy respectable ways. In fact, the rich colors of this text depicts how rich, colorful and diverse we are as a people.
Once students have completed their Diversity Daybooks, hopefully you and I will see more healthy relationships, as well as a decline in bullying behaviors in our nation’s schools.
In part, this daybook will support the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exam standards in the areas of:
Language Arts:
Writing/composition/expressions/describing interactions of characters and relationships/identify cause and effect/identify points of view.
Social Studies:
Identify selected racial, ethnic, and religious groups/culture/citizenship.

Publication Date: Jan 20 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 1468145916 / 9781468145915

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