A Bully in Monkeyville – Stop Bullying Campaign

Book:  A Bully in Monkeyville
Author: Ari Mazor
       Book Description:
      A children’s picture book. Aimed at teaching children that they must tell      friends and adults when they are being bullied.

— Fred the monkey is being bullied and is keeping it a SECRET —

When Jason Brown moves to town he is lonely but does not know how to    make friends. Instead he starts picking on Fred who is much smaller than him.  Fred does not want to snitch and does not tell on Jason. But when Fred stops  playing outside his friends figure out the reason. Fred’s friends teach him that sometimes ‘telling’ is the right thing to do and even heroic because it protects everybody. The story of Fred and Jason is told in rhymes and is accompanied by beautiful illustrations that are sure to entertain kids and their caregivers.

Note to parents: A Bully in Monkeyville provides a great opportunity to discuss with your children the very pertinent and important subject of bullying.  Break the Silence, teach kids that telling on bullies is NOT SNITCHING!
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(Print version will be available in 5-7 days)
     Children are the most vulnerable victims.Bullying make them feel embarrassed and sad and put an enormous stress on them. They need their friends and parents support to cope with the bullies.
    Explain to children that bullies don’t care about the feelings of other kids, sometimes they pick on someone for no reason at all, just because it make them feel big and powerful.
     This is the message of Ari Mazor’s book – A Bully in Monkeyville.
     This is a book written by a 16-year old high school senior to help children who are bullied and makes easy for       parents to explain what bullies are and why they behave like that.
,,If Jason learns to be a friend
His bullying days will come to an end”
,,We must stop bullies ” Jodi said
,,And protect each other”, added Ted.
,,When someone hurts us or bullies others,
  We must tell our friends, our fathers and mothers”
The book is beautiful illustrated by Clarisa Adonay.

6 thoughts on “A Bully in Monkeyville – Stop Bullying Campaign

  1. I am so glad that you have posted this.
    I feel that bring awareness and talking about this very sensitive subject will help kids and adults noticed and learn ways to address bullying. We must all stand up and put and end to bullying.


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  3. Thank you for posting this review.
    Daily we hear of terrible tragedies brought on by bullying.
    Here in Florida, a 12 year old girl just jumped to her death after being cyber bullied relentlessly by two girls, 12 and 14. This is heart breaking. We need to bring awareness and we need to make sure our kids
    – Do not bully
    – Are not bullied
    – Do not ignore situations when other are bullied
    – TELL THEM they must report all incidents of bullying they witness – it is their responsibility toward themselves and toward others.

    Thank you!


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