Stop bullying – words hurt

Never lose your hope and never give up,speak up !

People who where bullied get shy and afraid to do something or say something,they end up thinking they really are good for nothing.And that means even more bullying to come for them.They are people who need help and support from society and sometimes specialized treatment.

Some people just go around making others lives miserable every time they feel like it just because they can. They are bullies and they must be stopped.

Even teasing becomes bullying when silly words or an action are used many times, an aggressive  behavior, discrimination any criteria, anything which hurt another person physically or mentally. Instead of reaching out for help people who were bullied develop  feelings of inferiority and insecurity, l ow self esteem, depression and in extreme cases suicide.

Establishing awareness

Look at people around you, listen them and try to go behind their words – maybe they want to say something. If you notice somebody who get more introvert , not having many friends or at all, not speaking too much or saying everything is fine with a fake smile please try to get closer and find what this person is going through, find out why and what changed this person and offer your support . Tell not to let any words to affect them and believe in themselves ,not to loose their confidence because bullies are the ones who need confidence that is why they behave like that, it is a weird way of feeling in control and manifest their,,power,, against sensitive people.

Call for authors of books related to this subject: until the end of this month I will feature only books related to this subject. Submit your books and help me to spread the word.

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