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Time for a family feel to the world of self-publishing ebooks

As an independent author looking to self-publish, you will be immediately faced with a policy decision that is going to have a huge effect on your viability as writer. You can opt to invest hundreds of hours and a tidy sum in mastering all the various ancillary publishing trades such as formatting, editing, cover designing etc or, instead, you can spend the same time writing and decide to buy in these services as you need them. This means either scouring the small ads or approaching one of the huge faceless corporations that churn out books en mass  and use the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Now, there’s a new kid on the block – Any Subject Books – a family-run firm whose directors are husband and wife authors, Clive and Damaris West. Their passion is very much centered on the world of books and “we see our company’s function as aiding other authors to ‘get out there and get known’,” says Damaris.

With the millions of books on the market, anything new needs to look its absolute best and that means it has to be properly formatted, possess a working navigation structure and come with an eye-candy cover. This can only mean the personal touch; a return to old-fashioned standards of service where the customer talks direct to someone who is actually involved in the production process and who understands what’s going on.

The problem lies with over-automation and the employment of ‘customer services’ people who have never done the work themselves and thus can’t truly appreciate the pressure, obligations and strictures imposed on those who actually carry out the tasks.

Joe Holt, author of ‘Aloha Joe in Hawaii’ particularly appreciated the personal touch. Asked about whether he was pleased that he’d gone for a smaller company rather than one of the big boys, he said, “Clive West and Any Subject Books has made the process of self publishing my book ‘Aloha Joe in Hawaii’ a complete joy. I was involved in every step of the editing process and they always deferred to my personal choices. I feel like they took my ‘journal’ and created a professional book.”

If you’re an author and thinking of going it completely alone, do stop and think of Joe’s words on the subject. That criterion – the need to give it a professional look – is arguably as important as getting the content correct. Its importance cannot be underestimated.

Clive confirms: “We’re a family business which believes in putting a face to what we do. It doesn’t need to cost more to give people that personal touch – that’s where we score over other providers. When you book with us, you’ll have someone allocated to see your project through to completion. That’s a real person whom you can liaise with and who’ll personally see that you’re happy with the service.”

About Any Subject Books

Any Subject Books was founded by Clive and Damaris West, a husband and wife writer team who’ve already had years of experience of running a busy agency together.

With Damaris’ background in languages and literature and Clive’s in the commercial world, marketing and management, between them they already cover a wide range of genres.

If you’re a writer and are seeking a publisher or publishing services, they offer brainstorming, formatting, editing, cover design, creative design, ISBN allocation, distribution, blog and social media site design, reviewing, blog tours – just about everything. All of this with their famous ‘no quibble’ guarantee.

Interested? You can see more about them on their website –

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