Sharon Roberts – Special Books for Special Children

Special Books for Special Children

Sharon Kay Roberts  has written two children books and she supports equine therapy for children with special needs by giving horse riding lessons at her place in Huntsville Ar.

Using the assistance of ponies and horses for therapeutic purposes Sharon brings empathy and wisdom to this difficult topic,special children with special needs. Her stories are touching,wonderful bedtime stories which bring to attention the role of equine therapy for children with special needs.
Equine Therapy has proven success with:
-ADHD and Down Syndrome
-learning difficulties or developmental delays
-muscular dystrophy
honey cover good
Honey, A Pony’s Story
Honey’s story is a story of a small and injured pony. Confused and friendless at an auction she is befriended by a cow pony, now to old for strenuous work. Both are saved from the knacker’s bid by an old man, hoping that the two of them may help save his granddaughter.
Just eleven, orphaned and crippled from a car accident, Amy must live with her grandfather. Defeated by anger and depression, she withdraws into herself and her room, regressing emotionally and physically. Unable to reach her, the grandfather gambles that the unconditional love offered by an animal will be the right therapy for Amy. Honey’s natural instincts, the old man’s wisdom, and the cow pony’s memories work their magic to bring joy to wheelchair-bound Amy.

”From the description of the book, Honey, A Pony’s Story sounds as if it is going to be sad, solemn, and downright depressing. Don’t let that stop you; my initial impression couldn’t have been further from the truth! A story about horses about to be killed who then go to belong to a family devastated by death and serious health problems? Really? Sharon Kay Roberts’ uses primarily the pony, Honey, and her new horse friend, Galahad, to interpret the situation. The use of this point of view brings an innocence and unique perspective, and treats the understanding of the issues with respect. It is brilliant.
I only recently learned of “bibliotherapy,” a tool that can be used to promote healing through books. I am not a mental health practitioner, or a teacher, but in my personal opinion, Honey, A Pony’s Story would be an excellent choice for helping children or families deal with devastation, loneliness, or death.
This book is also a good read to help people realize how fortunate they are. For authors, I consider it a good read to see how Roberts stretched her writing skills to try something different. Roberts succeeded in addressing difficult subjects with kindness, and ended up with a tender, loving story that will be hard to forget.Honey: A Pony’s Story”
Valerie Ormond
Author, Believing In Horses

Olimpic Gold for Cat and Toby cover
Olympic Gold for Cat and Toby
This is the uplifting story of a girl’s struggle to find herself after tragedy nearly destroys her life. Fourteen-year-old Cat has devoted her life to figure skating and works tirelessly for Olympic gold. While driving home from a skating competition, she and her dad are involved in an accident. Cat awakens in the hospital and learns the worst has happened: Her father is dead and her left leg was amputated below the knee. Caitlin sinks into a depression. A family doctor suggests hypnotherapy. Reluctantly, Caitlin consents to therapeutic riding. Inspired by the sight of a horse and rider practicing on a stadium jump course, Caitlin decides she will learn to compete again.

Olympic gold once again seems possible. When the owner of the stables allows her to work with Toby, an overdo pinto with a bad attitude and a natural jumping ability, Caitlin discovers there is more to a horse than just competition.

About the author:

Sharon met her first pony when she was about three. That pony was one of the ponies that walk the endless circles at county fairs. When Sharon’s allotted time was up she hung on tight and screamed when her parents tried to remove her. At her first meeting with horses she knew she belonged with them.
Her parents made ever effort to include horses in their military lifestyle. English lesson in North Carolina and Western in Washington. After high school she attended Linda Tellington’s PCERF academy. Her next years were spent as wife, mother and dialysis nurse. She raised her children and backyard ponies and horses. Passing on her passion.
In 1989 she learned about Personal Ponies. and became the Arkansas Director for this charity program that places Shetland Ponies with children with special needs.
The children and ponies she meet inspired her two books.

From the author:

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PONY MAGIC!…..the world of small United Kingdom Shetland ponies and small children who are differently able.

Personal Ponies offer children that are specially challenged the life use of a small Shetland pony  to love and care for.  There is no fee for leasing our ponies and there are no charges for any of the services we provide.

There are riding centers and organizations dedicated to assisting children to learn to ride or drive a pony in harness, but nothing has been done prior to the founding of the Personal Ponies program for a small child to have a pony of small stature.  Personal Ponies Ltd is the only organization of its kind in the world.

Books are published by Publisher America
Available for purchase on Amazon

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