A Born Victim by R P Rochford

         A.Born.Victim.CoverA Born Victim is the story of Gill Brogan, a young single mother who is pushed deep into despair by workplace bullying. Just when she thinks nothing could get any worse she finds herself narrowly escaping an attempt on her life.

Set against this troubled life is the story of Lucy Taylor, an ambitious young detective who has dedicated herself to investigating violent crimes against women which all too often go unsolved. As she investigates case after case, each one more disturbing than the last, Taylor begins to see common threads which she hopes she can unravel to find the villains and bring them to justice.

The book reaches a climax as a determined, well organised criminal group emerges from the shadowy world of cyber-space to carry out one last crime in the real world. Lucy Taylor and her geeky side-kick, Mike Watson, are all that stand between the criminals and their victims.

Throughout the book, psychological themes are analysed lending a deeper, more serious note to the fast paced thriller as the author explores the factors which have formed our attitudes toward women and the acceptability of violence against them.

For me, writing about violence against women is best summarised by the words I put in the mouth of one of my characters: “It would be like smashing a priceless porcelain vase just to hear the noise it made.” While I hope readers enjoy the detective aspects of the story and get caught up in the thrill of the case I also hope they go away from this book with the very clear idea that women should be treasured, protected and never, ever subjected to violence.

About the author:

     R P Rochford was born in Essex (UK) to Australian parents and lived for some years in Wales before returning to England. He has a first degree in design, a Masters in Computing and now teaches and lectures in both subjects.

He has been writing academic material for some time but really started with fiction in early 2010 initially writing short stories then beginning work on A Born Victim.

When not working, R P Rochford likes to spend time with his family and dog. He likes to travel and has been privileged to spend time in many European countries where he enjoys observing people and using his observations to build characters for fictional stories.

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